Cinebar Trios Surround Easy "5.1-Set L"

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Cinebar Trios Surround Easy "5.1-Set L"

The sound of Berlin

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Soundbar Cinebar Trios

Why we love this product

In the Easy Edition, the Trios soundbar comes with a smaller subwoofer, which fills rooms up to around 25 square metres with sound. The two rear speakers are controlled wirelessly. Unobtrusive, visually appealing and sonically captivating, the system offers a true cinema experience from the comfort of your living room.

Soundbar Cinebar Trios

Key advantages at a glance

  • Ready-to-play, high-end 5.1 soundbar system with compact subwoofer
  • Wireless rear speakers for discrete operation, optionally available as Set M or L
  • Integrated, powerful centre speaker for best possible speech intelligibility
  • Powerful subwoofer, can be used either front- or down-firing, optional wireless control
  • Powerful surround sound thanks to a total of 465-Watt power output, 22 drivers, 2-way system and Dynamore® technology
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX® & NFC for wireless music streaming in CD quality
  • Made from elegant brushed aluminium for perfect integration into any living space
  • With TV remote control (HDMI/CEC), installation in seconds, integrated wall bracket
(4.53 of 5 out of 15)
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The Berlin trio

In the Easy Edition, the Trios surround soundbar comes with a smaller subwoofer, which fills rooms up to around 25 square metres with sound. The two rear speakers are controlled wirelessly. Discrete, visually appealing and sonically captivating, this system turns your living room into a real home cinema.

Wireless 5.1 sound

The subwoofer and rear speakers provide a wireless transmission. All you need is a power outlet in the rear area. You won't have to worry about laying cables across the room. The subwoofer and rear speakers turn on and off automatically.


RearStation receives signals from the Cinebar wirelessly

LT 4 Mk2 - silver - L 430 FCR Ausbauset

Rear Speaker Compact

Rear Speaker Compact just one plug socket needed!

von Teufel

Slim subwoofer T 4000

Subwoofer receives signals from the Cinebar wirelessly

Flach-Subwoofer T 4000 - white - Set

Soundbar CS 42

Cinebar sends signals wirelessly

Soundbar CS 42 von Teufel

A Teufel cable with a 1.0 mm² cross sectional area is recommend for multimedia systems and less expensive home cinema systems where only short distances need to be covered.

CCA Wires

The wires within this cable are made from copper-clad aluminium. CCA cables have the same electric conductivity as full copper wires but weigh less, making them easier to work with.

More wire strands per cable

The loudspeaker cable contains an especially high number of strands for extra flexibility and conductivity.

Robust jacket

The extremely robust yet flexible outer jacket protects the high-quality cable inside. The positive pole is indicated.


The loudspeaker cables can be connected directly to the amplifier/loudspeaker or by means of a banana plug.


One loudspeaker cable plus cable ties with Velcro is delivered in separate packaging.

T 8 Subwoofer

For the first time Teufel offers a subwoofer that can be used either front- or down-firing. Don't let the 100-Watt power output fool you. The new Class-D amplifier works efficiently and is extremely low-noise. It easily matches up to classic amplifiers that require 250-Watts.

  • High-end active subwoofer, can be used either front- or down-firing
  • 200 mm diameter bass driver
  • Power: 100-Watt, Class-D power amplifier with high efficiency and low consumption
  • Automatic on / off
  • Extensive setting options and protective circuitry
  • Can be tilted forwards or backwards, feet are interchangeable
  • Integrated wireless module - works with Teufel Soundbar Streaming, Trios, Duett, One, Cinebar Pro, CoreStation and Impaq.

T 8 Schwarz
Teufel T 8 Subwoofer
T 8 Subwoofer
Teufel T 8 Subwoofer

    2-way system reproduces warm, detail-rich sound, 465 watt power output for filling even larger rooms with sound
    Authentic 5.1 surround sound with wireless rear speakers
    Soundbar Cinebar Trios Teufel
    Dynamore® Technology creates an especially broad soundstage
    Extremely broad dispersion angle reaches every listener in the room
    Intelligent design cools without fans for noiseless operation


    Dynamore technology, developed by Teufel, offers an astonishing surround sound via side-firing speakers without the need for additional rear speakers.


    Connect the soundbar to your television with a single HDMI cable. No additional devices like amplifiers or AV receivers are required. The soundbar comes with integrated brackets and cable channels for easy wall mounting.

    PDS - Cinebar Trios - Installation


    The system’s Bluetooth makes it possible to stream music in CD quality from your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. Audio from Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, Facebook and your favourite podcast apps can be effortlessly enjoyed as immersive sound. NFC technology connects your source device to the Cinesystem in seconds.

    PDS - Cinebar Trios - Bluetooth

    Remote control

    The Cinebar Trios can be controlled with its own included remote or a standard TV remote. No extensive configuration or programming is required.

    The Cinebar Trios’ aluminium remote with rounded corners matches the soundbar and is a nice addition to any coffee table.

    More is more

    The Cinebar Trios supports all standard sound formats, offers a lip sync function and a variety of sound settings as well as HDMI CEC and ARC.

    PDS - Cinebar Trios - Mehr ist besser


    The soundbar’s enclosure is completely fashioned from brushed aluminium, an expensive material prized in loudspeaker construction for its light weight and low resonating qualities combined with excellent strength and stability.

    PDS - Cinebar Trios - Aluminium

    Einfacher Ausbau

    The Cinebar Trios surround extension set converts the Cinebar Trios into a full-fledged 5.1 surround sound system with wireless rear speakers.

    Easy integration

    Each sleek column only takes up the equivalent of an A5 sheet of paper in terms of floor space, which makes the system easy to position, even in smaller rooms. The elegant aluminium exterior looks good in any setting.

    Heimkino null LT 4 Mk2 L FR Lautsprecher Schwarz

    Quality you can see as well as hear

    The LT 4 loudspeakers are made entirely from brushed aluminium – a very expensive but stable material that is perfect for loudspeaker construction thanks to its noise-reducing qualities. Aluminium has the added advantage of giving the loudspeakers a subtle elegance that fits into any living room.

    Sound with perfect power and grace

    The LT 4 takes movie soundtracks, music, and games and transforms them into sonic events you can feel. The following acoustic features make this experience possible:

    • A 3-way system distributes the incoming audio signal from the A/V receiver to five different drivers that are optimized to play back their dedicated frequency ranges. This results in a better sound than that produced by a 2-way or broadband system.
    • A total of four larger 75 mm midrange drivers ensure full, deep playback. The only thing thin about this system is its columns. .
    • Long-throw drivers produce high, precise and distortion-free levels
    • A large 20 mm tweeter endows voices and effects with a silky, highly detailed tone without sounding shrill or aggressive
    • In spite of the slender columns, the crossover frequency to the subwoofer was set at 120 Hz. This makes it difficult to localize the bass which means more flexibility when positioning this speaker in the room.
    • The lightly slanted corners on the columns and satellites produce a large, horizontal dispersion angle so that an extraordinary sound can be enjoyed in every listening position.
    Heimkino LT 4 Mk2 Teufel

    Easy setup and installation

    The slender standing columns are securely positioned on a massive aluminium base. The centre and the shorter columns have integrated wall mounts. It is also possible to place the centre on an included plate. Each loudspeaker is equipped with sturdy, gold-plated screw terminals. These can be used with cables with diameters up to 2.5 mm² .

    Heimkino null LT 4 Mk2 L FR Lautsprecher Schwarz Frontansicht

    Included components

    • 1× 15 m Speaker Cable 1.0mm² - C1015S
    • 1× T 8 Subwoofer
    • 1× Remote Control CS 42 RC
    • 1× Power cable
    • 1× Soundbar CS 42
    • 2× REARSTATION Compact RX (pcs.)
    • 2× Pair Column Speaker L 430 FR (pcs.)


    • T 8 Subwoofer Bass Schwarz von Teufel

      T 8 Subwoofer

      High-end active subwoofer, can be used either front- or down-firing

      • Description Item
        Width 31.10 cm
        Weight 11.00 kg
        Height 42.30 cm
        Miscellaneous Abmessungen im Frontfire Setup: Höhe 37,3 cm; Breite: 31,1 cm, Tiefe 42,3 cm
        Depth 38.00 cm
      • Description Item
        Cinch input 1
        Miscellaneous Suitable for installation directly on the wall
      • Description Item
        Power supply voltage 230 volts
        Automatic on/off Yes
        Maximum power consumption 100 watt
        Mains lead fixed Yes
        Safety class 2
        Fuse Yes
        Storage for settings when disconnected Yes
        Standby-Function Yes
        Standby-Power consumption watt
        Bass boost/EQ Yes
        Input gain adjustment Yes
        Frequency regulator (range) 37 - 200 Hz
        Level control Yes
        Phase control Yes
        Miscellaneous Can be used either front- or down-firing
        Lowest frequency (-3 dB) 37 Hz
        Wireless Subwoofer Yes
        Power output capacity impulse (peak) Bass 100 W
        Amplifier configuration 1.0
        Amplifier technology Class-D
        Amplifier channels 1
        Miscellaneous Can be wirelessly controlled
        Subwoofer Yes
      • Description Item
        Suitable for AV receiver Yes
        Acoustic principle 1-Way-System
        Equalisation openings 1
        Downfire Yes
        Frontfire Yes
        Enclosure type Bass reflex
        Enclosure material MDF
        Enclosure surface Matte coated
        Miscellaneous Reflection channel in DPU technology avoids flow noises, stable MDF housing structure with internal bracing
        Integrated stand Yes
        Woofer (number per enclosure) 1
        Woofer (diameter) 200.00 mm
        Woofer (material) Aluminium
        Frequency range from/to 35-210 Hz
        Maximum sound pressure level 111 dB/1m
      Soundbar CS 42 von Teufel

      Soundbar CS 42

      High-class 3.1 soundbar

      • Description Item
        Width 115.00 cm
        Weight 6.50 kg
        Height 9.30 cm
        Miscellaneous Total height with table stand is 11.70 cm
        Depth 9.80 cm
      • Description Item
        Bass driver output 1
        Stereo jack 3.5mm - in 1
        Digital inputs optical 1
        Bluetooth aptX Yes
        Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0 aptX
        Bluetooth Yes
        NFC Yes
        USB 2.0 per software update
        HDMI 3D ARC CEC‌ Yes
        Miscellaneous HDMI CEC HDMI ARC 3D video support
        Video outputs - HDMI Yes
        HDMI Version 1.4b
        Video inputs- HDMI Yes
        Video inputs- HDMI Yes
      • Description Item
        DTS NEO:6 Yes
        DTS Yes
        Dolby Digital Yes
        Dolby Pro Logic II Yes
        Dolby Pro Logic Yes
      • Description Item
        Audio-Digital-Analog-Converter 24 Bit/96 kHz Cirrus Logic
        Dynamore® Yes
        Integrated DSP Yes
        Display Yes
        OSD Yes
        Remote control Infrared
        Materials Aluminium
        Power supply voltage 230 volts
        Automatic on/off Yes
        Maximum power consumption 225 watt
        Safety class 2
        Storage for settings when disconnected Yes
        Standby-Function Yes
        Standby-Power consumption 0.40 watt
        Power output capacity sinus (RMS) Satellite 75 W
        Power output capacity impulse (peak) Satellite 55 W
        Amplifier configuration 3.0
        Amplifier technology Class D
        Amplifier channels 6
      • Description Item
        Acoustic principle 2-Way-System
        Enclosure type Closed
        Enclosure material Aluminium
        Enclosure surface Brushed aluminium
        Net internal volume 7 Litres
        Keyhole plate mounted Yes
        Integrated stand Yes
        Wall mounting brackets Yes
        Tweeter (number per enclosure) 3
        Tweeter (diameter) 20.00 mm
        Tweeter (material) Silk
        Midrange driver (number per enclosure) 6
        Midrange driver (diameter) 77.00 mm
        Midrange driver (material) Coated cellulose
        Continuous power handling (IEC - Long Term) 45 Watt
        Frequency range from/to 130 - 20000 Hz
        Peak power capacity (IEC - Short Term) 60 Watt
        Maximum sound pressure level 104 dB/1m
      von Teufel

      REARSTATION Compact RX (pcs.)

      The RearStation Compact wirelessly transmits audio signals from source to speaker. Simply plug in the RearStation Compact to mains power and then to the rear speakers.

      • Description Item
        Width 7.10 cm
        Weight 300 g
        Height 18.30 cm
        Depth 4.20 cm
      • Description Item
        Cinch output 1
        High level speaker outputs 1
        Terminal clamps Loudspeaker terminals
      • Description Item
        Power supply voltage 230 volts
        Automatic on/off Yes
        Miscellaneous Crossover freqency: 2.4 GHz
        Storage for settings when disconnected Yes
        Standby-Function Yes
        Power output capacity sinus (RMS) Satellite 60 W
        Miscellaneous Im Stereobetrieb überträgt jeder der 2 mitgelieferten Empfänger einen Kanal (links oder rechts einstellbar)
        Amplifier configuration 2 x 1.0
        Amplifier technology Class D
        Amplifier channels 1
      • Description Item
        Maximum cable diameter 1.50 mm
      LT 4 Mk2 - L 430 FR - silver - front angled

      Pair Column Speaker L 430 FR (pcs.)

      The L 430 FR are high-performance hi-fi column speakers made from aluminium. Their sound is identical to that produced by the L 430 C, L 430 FCR and Trios.

      • Description Item
        Width 9.10 cm
        Weight 5.80 kg
        Height 114.30 cm
        Miscellaneous Height measurements include base plate
        Depth 9.10 cm
      • Description Item
        Suitable for AV receiver Yes
        Suitable for banana plug Yes
        Maximum cable diameter 2.50 mm
        Acoustic principle 3-Way-System
        Enclosure type Closed
        Enclosure material Aluminium
        Enclosure surface Brushed
        Net internal volume 3,8 Litres
        Tweeter (number per enclosure) 1
        Tweeter (diameter) 19.00 mm
        Tweeter (material) Fabric
        Midrange driver (number per enclosure) 2
        Midrange driver (diameter) 80.00 mm
        Midrange driver (material) Paper, coated
        Woofer (number per enclosure) 2
        Woofer (diameter) 80.00 mm
        Woofer (material) Paper, coated
        Continuous power handling (IEC - Long Term) 70 Watt
        Sensitivity (2.83 V / 1 m) 86 dB
        Frequency range from/to 135-20000 Hz
        Peak power capacity (IEC - Short Term) 100 Watt
        Maximum sound pressure level 101 dB/1m
        Impedance 4-8 Ohm
        Crossover frequency internal switch 450/2800 Hz
      • Description Item
        Terminal clamps Pole terminals, gold-plated
        Minimum amplifier output power recommended 20 Watt

    Expert reviews

    Product Ratings
    (4.53 of 5 out of 15)
    Super system for a good price
    Even though my order arrived a little late in many individual parts, I am satisfied. It is easy to assemble on your own without any prior knowledge. It was my first installation of this kind, so I couldn't draw on any experience. I recommend watching one or two YouTube videos. The sound quality is really great. All in all, I can only recommend the system.
    Chic, classy and top sound
    My first Teufel home cinema system and I was not disappointed. You should know that the rear speakers only work at a higher volume. Everything is included in this complete package, including the speaker cables! However, in the info section it is written as "mains cable". The one star deduction is because this system only works with new Smart TV models that have an HDMI input that is marked as ARC. I had previously bought a new TV and thank God this HDMI ARC input was included. This system does not work via the normal HDMI input! Unfortunately, when you buy a TV, you don't see whether it has ARC or not... So I was lucky again. And so far I am totally satisfied. Many thanks to Teufel. I have always wanted (no idea why) a system from Teufel. I hope that I will have many years of fun with it. Thank you Teufel.
    Too little for the money because.....
    The system arrived very well packed. (Although on two different days.) When I unpacked it, I immediately noticed the extremely good workmanship. Everything looks very classy. Brushed aluminium and high-quality MDF. Connecting the system was easy. Now let's get to the essentials: the surround system fulfils its purpose with some reservations. Due to its compact design in the front area, one has to live with a less than brilliant sound. The differentiation of the individual channels (front) is not sufficient for me, but for households with limited space, a good compromise. Furthermore, the system disappointed me when playing music via Bluetooth. (This is not the hobbyhorse of a cinema surround system). The few setting options make the music come across very pale, but for most people it is satisfactory. Two HDMI connections are very modest in this day and age. Conclusion: If you don't want to hear every mosquito roar in the film and have music playing in the background, you can't go wrong with this. For me, it was too little and I decided to go for the Ultima 40 series in combination with a Denon receiver. (Poor neighbours :-) Finally, I should mention that the service is very, very, very awesome. Free return shipping, friendly and competent staff on the phone and in the shop. To avoid making the same mistake as me, make an appointment in a Teufel shop and do a sound test.
    Top device
    Unpack, connect and enjoy cinema sound
    (automatically translated *)
    This Cinebar is my first Teufel experience and I was not really disappointed. The setup went without any problems. The sound is great, but unfortunately it only really unfolds in the upper volume range. Nevertheless, this is a very good product, which can be recommended without hesitation.
    Noble, crystal clear sound and top bass
    That's exactly how I imagined it! I have had the TRIOS Set L for 4 weeks now. Shipping was fast, but the T8 subwoofer arrived four days later. But it was no problem for me, as I had no time for installation before. But this was actually very easy. The packaging was suitable for the high quality of the products. The aluminium cabinets look simply great. Connections to the Smart-TV, Smartphone and the BlueRay-Player worked without problems. About the sound: I'm not a professional, I just want to be right in the middle and enjoy good sound. And the set manages that perfectly! Whether film or music, loud or quiet, I am completely enthusiastic about the system and I am really satisfied! Not comparable to my previous, 8 year old Sony 5.1 system. So my summary: Top! 5 stars! :-)
    Fully satisfied!
    I've had the system for a month and I'm completely satisfied. no cables and still a good sound. I can fully recommend the product.
    (automatically translated *)
    As usual, exceeds expectations
    The Teufel products have a very good quality and are Made in Germany, a very good price-performance ratio and a top customer service. Can all products and the whole company Teufel only recommend!!!
    (automatically translated *)
    Really SUPER!
    Very simple construction and a great sound. Recommended.
    (automatically translated *)
    Fully satisfied
    Simple construction and super sound
    (automatically translated *)
    * Automatically translated by DeepL