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Waterproof speakers

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9 Products

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Waterproof speakers - outdoor Bluetooth sound systems by Teufel

Looking for good sound no matter where you go and in any weather? Then you need our water-resistant and water-proof outdoor speakers. Take your sound wherever you go and enjoy HIFI quality songs at festivals, grill parties, or just in the park with friends.
We have the right waterproof outdoor speaker for every style and taste. If you're after bigger speakers for nice days, you might also like our other outdoor speakers.
And of course, we also have great sounding in-ear-headphones, speakers for your home cinemasoundbars and accessories.

Pretty exterior, big sound on the inside - the MOTIV® GO

This little waterproof sound giant's stylish look makes the Bluetooth speaker a real eye-catcher both indoors and outdoors. This speaker is so cute it fits harmoniously into any decor scheme. We also offer the MOTIV® GO speaker in four different colors.
As for sound, this compact Bluetooth speaker comes with two durable full-range drivers and two passive bass diaphragms. Integrated Dynamore software makes the stereo panorama of this speaker even fuller, reproducing music that sounds full, lively, and detailed despite the small dimensions of the speaker. It also comes with Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX® for music streaming in CD-like quality as well as a party mode. This can be used to connect two smart phones to the speaker at the same time. And of course, it also comes with an additional built-in microphone for hands-free calls or voice commands (Siri/Google Assistant). It's also certified IPX5, meaning it can take a light rain shower or splashing no problem. Still, lots of water, especially at higher pressures is best avoided. Thus, the MOTIV® GO is also a great companion for nice days outdoors. To make certain you can get the maximum fun out of all the summer sun, we've outfitted it with a high-capacity lithium-ion battery, which has up to 16 hours of battery life at typical volumes.

Cross your limits - the ROCKSTER CROSS

This powerful yet portable Bluetooth speaker is more than just loud - it can also stand up to almost any treatment. The practical carrying strap leaves your hands free while walking. You can also use it to attach a ROCKSTER CROSS Bluetooth speaker to a bicycle, e-scooter, or motorcycle to bring your sound with you on longer trips. This outdoor speaker is also IPX5 certified for low-pressure water streams and can thus stand up to light rain showers. Thick-walled impact-resistant casing. With one woofer for earthy bass and two tweeters, volumes can reach as high as 98 dB. And at just 38 cm in width, you can carry it just like a shoulder bag. Its powerful, quick-charge battery can run for up to 16 hours, keeping you partying all day or night. Also may be used in party mode to alternate songs between 2 Bluetooth devices, or connect mode, linking two ROCKSTER CROSS units for stereo sound. Of course, it also has an AUX input.

Big sound, portable, robust, and water-resistant - the ROCKSTER GO

And if things get muddy and a bit wild, the ROCKSTER GO is the perfect Bluetooth speaker for the job! Bluetooth with aptX® and NFC mean you can pair this water-resistant Bluetooth speaker with any compatible smart phone no problem. Its compact size and powerful battery, which lasts up to 12 hours and charges fast, make it the ideal outdoor speaker. That means you can pack the ROCKSTER GO easily into a backpack and take it with you everywhere. If you're on the water or at a pool party, you can even take this speaker into the water with you. The scoop on the ROCKSTER GO wireless speaker: this outdoor speaker is waterproof to IPX7 standards. Its large, dimensional woofer also means you always have enough bass and its two full-range drivers provide top-class stereo sound reproduction thanks to Dynamore technology. In addition, two ROCKSTER GO speakers can be paired for true stereo playback. It also comes with microphone and hands-free function, as well as a USB slot for use with computers. And as if that wasn't enough, we have a Go-Pro compatible threading on the bottom of the speaker, so it can be attached to any GoPro-compatible stand or holder.

The flexible original – the BOOMSTER

Experience our popular allrounder in a new look. The BOOMSTER has been given an even more durable and water-resistant casing (IPX5 certified), and impresses with its new intuitive operating system, haptic buttons and integrated display. But the design wasn't the only thing we worked on. The popular Bluetooth sound system with FM (including RDS) and DAB+ has also gotten an acoustic and hardware upgrade. Thus, the new BOOMSTER has Bluetooth 5.0 with apt-X® for wireless streaming of music /podcasts in CD quality via Spotify App & Co. And supports multipoint (a second smartphone can be paired). The acoustic performance is supported by two additional side passive bass diaphragms and, in addition, there is a centrally integrated frontfiring woofer. Powerful and precise basses that fit harmoniously into the sound image are thus guaranteed. A closed cabinet with 2 tweeters, and 2 midrange speakers complete the 2.1 stereo system with Dynamore technology. We have also included a "True wireless stereo mode" with which you can now use two BOOMSTERs as a stereo system with true channel separation. An IR remote control is included for convenient operation, and of course an AUX input for cabled players, as well as a USB port that can output power like a powerbank port are also available. High-capacity lithium-ion battery supports up to 18 hours of battery life at medium volume.

Play hard - the BOOMSTER GO

This waterproof mini Bluetooth speaker is a real audio giant despite its minimal dimensions. Just by its compactness, the BOOMSTER GO is the perfect mini speaker for travel and the best accessory in the suitcase. This mini Bluetooth speaker is IPX7-certified waterproof and can therefore also be taken into the bath or placed next to the shower. Of course, you can use the speaker just as well at the lake, on the beach or in the forest. Rubberized housing here provides extra protection from shock, and an ingenious strap and GoPro-compatible threading (¼ inch) are used to attach the BOOMSTER GO to just about anything: belt, tripod, backpack, or even the handle of your umbrella. To support your sound, we have installed a powerful full-range driver and two passive bass drivers in push-pull configuration. Thus, this small box produces tight sound even at high volumes. With no distortion. If a call disturbs you, you can answer it with the handsfree function. A dedicated button for Siri/Google Assistant is available directly on the device for this, as well as additional control buttons on the speaker and an LED battery indicator. Thanks to the reliable lithium-ion battery, the BOOMSTER GO Bluetooth speaker guarantees playing times of up to 10 hours with fast charging times via the included micro USB cable. And just to spice things up, we offer the BOOMSTER GO in 5 different colors.

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