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Hi-Fi sound for TV with Bluetooth

Bluetooth soundbars

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At Teufel we sell our products directly. With no middleman, there are no extra costs meaning you save money.

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Teufel stands for quality, quality and again quality. That's why we offer you up to 12 years warranty and 8 weeks free and easy returns.

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Teufel regularly occupies the top positions in tests and reader surveys and is the home cinema market leader in Germany.

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Buyer's guide & tips

Bluetooth soundbars are super practical thanks to their easy installation and ease at pairing. They improve TV sound, greatly improving the viewer’s experience, much more than the built-in TV speakers ever could. Thanks to the soundbars Bluetooth compatibility, they become multimedia professionals, streaming music easily from smartphones or tables wirelessly.

Bluetooth Soundbar – your advantages

Free space directly in front of the TV is something that for justified reasons is rarely free. The TV is the focus point of many a living room, and as a result is often little space for a surround sound Bluetooth system next to it. Teufel’s space-saving soundbars can be place directly placed below or above via wall mount. The most practical solution when it comes to setting up big sound in our homes. TV, CD player, record player, smartphone, computer, gaming console – why do we need a separate speaker for each one? With Teufel soundbars you can connect all the different sources to one Bluetooth soundbar.

Bluetooth Soundbar- things you should pay attention

Soundbars don’t require any other devices, because the amplifier is already integrated. The easiest way to connect to TV is via a HDMI cable. Meaning a Bluetooth soundbar can be operated via the device it is connected with on the HDMI wire. Digital-optic, coaxial or cinch – the more ports a soundbar has to offer, the more flexible it is when connecting it.

About Bluetooth soundbars

Bluetooth soundbars of obviously easy to integrate into a home, but do they actually sound good? Of course, a soundbar could never replace a proper home cinema setup, but soundbars are always improving. But of course, it depends on how you want to use the soundbar. They are great for varied purposes. By means of digital signal processing and modern Class-D amplifiers, soundbars are now compensating for their acoustic shortcomings themselves and even more, they produce a precise and room-filling sound.

Extra lush: WIFI und Bluetooth in a soundbar combined

The Teufel Streaming Soundbar, Cinebar Pro and Cinebase Streaming go one step further by supporting WLAN as a transmission option in addition to the Bluetooth connection.

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