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Soundbar Cinebar Pro

Teufel sound advice and innovations

Has your old sound system had its day or doesn't offer the features you want for your application? Then check out our new products or use our Teufel sound advice for initial orientation. Find portable Bluetooth loudspeakersers with durable housing or stationary solutions for the home office, the best speakers with plenty of watts for music, multi-room-compatible speaker boxes for your Smart Home, powerful home cinema sets with or without THX and Dolby Atmos or compact systems for Gaming and PC. Let's go.

Or are you looking for a surround set for your home?

Enjoying the sound of a real movie theatre at home in your own home theatre - for many people, this wish is the beginning of their home theatre planning. Surround speakers are part of this because they take care of the sound effects that make a film experience so rousing and lively. An optimal surround sound merges into a unity with the picture and allows you to immerse yourself in the action. With good home cinema systems, the effect speakers are joined by the centre speaker, which reproduces dialogues clearly.

No? You're looking for a stereo speaker or set for your home.

The classic stereo loudspeakers has maintained its favour over the years. The acoustic principle behind the speakers still pervades in today's digital world. Active stereo speakers are now a new trend, where the amplifier is built directly into the speaker saving on space.

Soundbars: Sound masters on the TV

Despite the clear sound deficits of even the most expensive Smart TVs, many people shy away from purchasing a home cinema system with five or more loudspeaker boxes, amplifiers and subwoofer. The objections to a 5.1 system for the living room are usually "too space-consuming", "setting up and aligning is too complicated" or "the technology is too visible". None of this applies to soundbars. The slim multi-talents with Bluetooth, HDMI, AUX input and optical digital input require a minimum of space, are easy to install with the right cable and transform your room into a sound oasis. Soundbars from Teufel can create a virtual surround sound that can hold a candle to "real" complete systems. You can get most soundbars with a matching subwoofer directly in the set at a favourable price or upgrade them with a subwoofer at a later date. In addition, many of our soundbars support the integration of Effekt loudspeakers (one speaker on the left and one speaker on the right in the rear listening area). By the way, most of our soundbars already come in a set with integrated wireless function fn for fewer cables and more freedom. Check out our top sellers, such as our soundbars with radio or our mini soundbars fs for smaller and larger rooms, and let yourself be enveloped by really good sound.

Bluetooth speakers: Best sound where you are

In addition to our popular Bluetooth headphones, our Bluetooth speakers are also versatile, practical and ideal for wireless transmission of your favourite music. The manufacturer-independent wireless standard connects your portable or stationary Bluetooth speaker of all available sizes, as well as party speakers with a powerful subwoofer, wirelessly with your Bluetooth-enabled transmitting devices. Extra smart speakers like our HOLISTEN even listen to Amazon Alexa out of the box. The connection between Bluetooth devices is established in seconds. Speaker boxes of this type are the perfect all-rounders in terms of sound, hands-free talking and tone in pretty much any situation. Speakers with IPX protection class protect the valuable inner workings from splashing water or rain and can even be submerged with you if the IPX class is high enough. This way, the right Bluetooth speaker offers you the highest possible flexibility. How about a home office by the lake?

Smart Speaker

No need to worry about tangled cables: Smart Speakers & WIFI speakers do not require any superfluous cables, but only a power source such as the power socket at home. Additional devices such as amplifiers or preamplifiers are not necessary. Wi-Fi speakers and smart speakers allow you to easily stream your music via app control or voice command. Streaming speakers therefore eliminate the need for additional playback devices such as CD players or MP3 players, as all music is transmitted via your Wi-Fi network.


Thanks to such speakers, you can control your music wirelessly anywhere in your flat or throughout the entire house. Audio streaming allows you to transmit music via Wi-Fi to devices that can receive it. These can be hi-fi systems or loudspeaker boxes. The question of the right music format becomes superfluous because Wifi speakers from Teufel support common formats such as MP3, AAC, OGG, ASF and others. This allows you to send audio signals from your smartphone, tablet, computer or TV wirelessly to the speakers. From compact micro speakers to three-way systems for extreme precision and the best sound, you're sure to find the sound generator of your taste. For clear highs, harmonious mids and clean deep bass.

We develop and sell our products directly

Risk-free 8-week trial

Because every room sounds different, we want to give you plenty of time to test out every last setting at your own pace. So feel free to test our speakers at home risk free for 8 weeks.

More than 45 years of experience

Teufel stands for quality. That's why we offer you up to 12 years warranty on all passive speakers.

Free return shipping

You have changed your mind or want another product? No problem! Just inform our customer service and we will have it picked up free of charge.

Loudspeaker test reviews

We think we already know that our loudspeakers are good and that they are well received. After all, we develop most of this ourselves. But it's even better when the quality of our systems also appeals to others. This makes a large number of very good test reports about our products all the more gratifying. Over the years we have won a number of test victories and readers' votes. Quality simply prevails in the long term.


You've always wanted to know what's behind the terms and designations of the audio world? Then take a look at our audio glossary. Here you will find a short and concise explanation of, for example, bi-amping, bi-wiring, impedance and ohms.


In our blog, we ourselves and Teufel fans with an affinity for sound write about a wide range of topics from the audio universe. With Teufel as the fixed star, of course. We report on hi-fi speakers, new technology trends and film, music & entertainment. In addition, we give you tips and tricks on good sound at home in the guide. In Teufel-Mania, we also offer exciting insights into our world. From the development of individual tweeters and woofers to the design of our flagship store. We are pleased to have 200,000 readers per month.

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